How much does a Standard Skip Bin cost?

Pricing listed on our website is valid at the time of your order. Our price are all inclusive, there's nothing more to pay provided the contents of your bin match your order. If you've ordered a Brick and Concrete bin and it is found to have Vegetation or Household Clear-out material in it, the price will change according to the specification of the load. Also, if Extra Charge Items are found there will additional fees.

What are Extra Charge Items?

Some items cost extra to dispose of and if we find these in your bin when it's tipped the corresponding one-off charges will be added to your final invoice. If these items are found in your bin we'll take a photograph of the load when it on the ground and issue a new invoice accordingly. Extra Charge Items are :
  • car, motorcycle or truck tyres
  • carpet and/or underlay of more than about 3sqm
  • mattresses and bed bases
  • rubber, vinyl or synthetic flooring (this includes most fake grasses and astro-turf)
Click to find out more on our Extra Charge Items

How long can I keep a Standard Skip Bin?

Most customers usually take no more than 10 days to complete their job. If we have not heard from you for 2 weeks we might give you a call to see how it's all going and if you need any more time.

How do I pay for my Standard Skip Bin?

Credit Card
Direct Deposit
Account (to approved customers only)

How big is a Standard Skip Bin?

Skip Bins are measured by volume which is shown in Cubic Meters (ie. 3 Cubic Meters is displayed as 3m).

2㎥ Skip Bin
- 2 cubic meters
- 1.90m long x 1.60m wide x 0.92m tall
- 2 level box trailer loads
- 12 wheelbarrows

3㎥ Skip Bin
- 3 cubic meters
- 3.00m long x 1.58m wide x 0.80m tall
- 3 level box trailer loads
- 18 wheelbarrows

4㎥ Skip Bin
- 4 cubic meters
- 3.33m long x 1.60m wide x 0.96m tall
- 4 level box trailer loads
- 24 wheelbarrows

6㎥ Skip Bin
- 6 cubic meters
- 3.94m long x 1.56m wide x 1.23m tall
- 6 level box trailer loads
- 36 wheelbarrows

(these measurements are very close, but not exact)

What can I put in a Standard Skip Bin?

That's up to you. Each time you hire a Standard Skip Bin you nominate the waste that's going in it. Each type of waste has a different price range depending on how recyclable/reusable it is. When ordering you'll see a list of Acceptable, Not Acceptable and Extra Charge Items for each Standard Skip Bin.

How much can I put in a Standard Skip Bin?

"FILL TO RIM ONLY" is the guideline. Your driver will cover the load securely before picking up. If the tarp cannot securely contain everything, there may be some things that are taken off/out of the bin.

What is the weight limit for a Standard Skip Bin?

We don't have a weight limit for any of our Skip Bins, but when loaded on the truck it must be within the legal limits of the vehicle.

How long does delivery take?

ASAP is about 2-3 hours, but usually within 24 hours of booking. You can nominate a delivery date when booking.

Do I need to be there for Delivery or Pick-up?

No. In most cases the delivery placement is pretty obvious to your driver. However, when booking (either online or by phone) you can give specific instructions about placement.

How do I arrange collection when I'm finished?

Simply Contact Us

What happens to my waste?

Every bin goes through a "Transfer Station". These are specific waste management sites that sort the proceeds of every bin. It's a labour intensive process managed by machines sifting through extracting plastics, metal, soil, concrete and timber to be sent to the appropriate facility for re-processing, recycling or landfill.

Can I get an Account?

Yes - some customers do qualify for a Credit Account. Contact Us for more information.