Extra Fees and Charges

Each Standard Skip Bin is designated for a specific waste type and is priced accordingly, if the waste in the bin does not match the order placed with us or if "Not Allowed Items" are found, there may be additional charges.

Whenever an anomaly is found we will photograph the load and inform you immediately.
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ALLOWABLE ITEMS Each bin type shows Allowable Items. If anything other than allowable is found in the bin our Building Demolition Skip Bin rate will be applied. Bin charged as Building Demolition
NOT ALLOWED Items not allowed which are found in a bin may result in the load being rejected by the tip.

We can return the load to you, or we can tip at an appropriate facility and charge accordingly.

You will be given the option regarding disposal of the waste.
$165.00 Reload Fee
EXTRA CHARGE ITEMS tyres (motor cycle, car or truck)
over 3m2 of carpet and/or underlay
mattresses and bed bases
rubber, vinyl or synthetic flooring
old insulation (over 1/3 of the space in the bin)

These items are accepted by the tip but do require additional handling to be forwarded to an applicable facility for processing.
$82.50 ea
$132.00 ea
WAITING TIME Extended delays incurred at customer sites. $132.00/hr